Privacy Policy

It is our responsibility to treat your data like we want our data to be treated. We know a lot of companies say this, but we truly mean it when we say it: your privacy is the most important thing to us at Ref-bot. We hope this policy clearly conveys our purposes and intentions with your data & how it can be beneficial.

What Data We Collect

In our Discord server, we collect your full Discord username, avatar, account age, and the date in which you joined this server. When you use a Ref-bot command, we log your user ID, the command you used, and any other information you provided when using that command. Additionally, when you utilize our auto-updating feature, we log the channel ID in which you want Ref-bot to update content, as well as the league and type of content. Lastly, when you purchase a subscription through Patreon, we collect any server IDs that you provide to us. For more information on user and server IDs, please check out this support article put together by Discord:

Why We Need Your Data

We keep server-related data for record keeping and moderation purposes. When you use a Ref-bot command, we log information so that we can improve our services using analytics, and to detect abuse by bad actors. For users who utilize our auto-updating feature, we log data so we know where to update the content as well as what to update it with. We collect Patreon subscribers' server IDs so that we can enable additional functionality in their server(s).

How We Use Your Data

To further elaborate on what was said above, we can use this data to improve our services by analyzing what commands are being used and how often people are using them. For example, if we find that a specific functionality is not being used very often, then we may remove it and put more work towards more used commands and making them better. Plus, we can use this information to determine if someone is abusing or misusing our services, and if this is detected, then we can whitelist them using their ID. Also, we can determine what might be causing any internal errors by looking at what command was used. Lastly, we use the server IDs provided to us by Patreon subscribers so that we can tell which servers to enable benefits in, and which not to.

Who We Share Your Data With

NO ONE. Your data goes nowhere except when it comes to us. We have never nor will ever share your data with anyone unless we are required to by law.

How To Get Your Data Removed

If you would like your command history removed, then please contact us using the information below (note: we will only remove those that were logged after 30 days). If you stop Ref-bot from auto-updating content in a channel, this will automatically remove any data linked to you regarding the auto-updating feature (to do this, use /autoupdate remove). If you are a current or former Patreon subscriber and would like your server IDs removed from our database, then you may use /patreon remove to do so. Additionally, while Discord prohibits users under the age of thirteen (varies by region) to register, we will remove all data generated by a Discord user if we find that they are under thirteen but registered due to their dishonesty.

Questions or Concerns?

If you would like to contact us with any questions, please head to the Ref-bot Discord server and send a message in the #support channel or send a direct message to Robert 📬#2630.