Ref-bot: Sports Discord Bot

Diehard sports fan? Use Discord? We got you.

Ref-bot is the first and only sports Discord bot of its kind.

Verified by Discord.

LIVE Scores & Headlines

Yup, you read that right! LIVE scores and the latest headlines right in your Discord server. A number of leagues supported, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, College Football, Premier League, UFC, and more! Ref-bot will automatically update select leagues and features, need to run a command every time!

Stats and Information

With Ref-bot, you can take any game and see more information on it instantly. From where the game was played, the officials, capacity of the stadium, along with statistics for each team, this command has all the information you need. Do you want standings for each league as well? We got that covered, too.


"Dead chat" is what they say in your server, but you can stop those comments with Ref-bot! Drive activity with some fun commands!


Got a member in your server that's been acting up? Has your server been raided? No problem! Ref-bot has you covered.


Do you need to view info of another user quickly? Want to retrieve a file of your avatar? Ref-bot is here to help!

Now, don't just take it from us...actual users love Ref-bot!

(sources: our Discord Server and reviews)

"Definitely the best sports bot I've found."

Five Star Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"It's working well"

"Amazing...I'll use this bot for a very long time"

"It is officially my favorite bot on Discord."

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